DeeJay Gilton Franklin
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Gilton van Friderici, better known as DJ Gilton Franklin, started 15 years ago with a cassette deck and a record player.
He grew up with the soul show of Ferry Maat, in which the “Bond van Doorstarters” was very popular.
This “Bond van Doorstarters” is a mixture of 12-15 minutes in which you can put all your talent and qualities, regarding to mixing.
The style / genre which Gilton played in the beginning was “Urban” (RnB and Hip Hop). When he noticed the audience was also open
to other styles, he added: Pop, Rock, Disco, Latin and Club-House. Thus he gained a good and broad base for the “eclectic style”,
which is very popular on several festivals at the moment. The mix style which is used is surprising and refreshing. Tracks from now mixed with classics from the past. Much alternation is a must, at which much attention is paid to the response of the audience:
the right sounds at the correct moment. In 1997, Gilton became second of the Netherlands at the “Dutch Championships Club-House mixing”
of Update Magazine. This gave a boost to head to the Club-House direction. A good choice, because eventually two mix-cd’s (Body and Sound) were released under supervision of DJ Ronald Molendijk. Besides performing in clubs, Gilton was a regular host at Radio Hoorn
where he made the “6-minute mix”. The biggest challenge was the year mix, work which was literally done with hands and feet.
For “X-noizz Urban”, a program on radio 3, remixes of different tracks were fabricated. As of that moment Gilton knew that producing
would come on his path in the future. After he had done his entrance at the RMXCRW (as deejay Collabo), he began to produce
This lead to the remix of “I’m Sorry” (Partysquad and RMXCRW). His next project was a remix version of “Don’t hold back” by dj M.A.B.
In November 2006 he started with his friend Jeffrey (better known as crazy J) a record label called “4dimensions records”.
This label stands for groovy club, latin house and a slice of the electric sound. The first release of 4dimensions records was in January 2007:
“Rock-in” produced with Crazy J, “Latin pleasure”(Gilton Franklin) and “In Reverse”(Crazy J).
At the moment work is in progress in the studio for more new, catching tracks: the so-called “Floorfillers”.
Deejay Gilton Franklin performs on regular base in well-known clubs in Holland and can be booked with singer, mc and/or percussion accompaniment. Also he has developed stipulated party-concepts which are offered to several clubs and organisations.
His vision is that a good cooperation leads to a successful act.

Places where he has played his music outside Holland are Belgium, Germany, Russia, Greece, Ukraine, France, Netherlands Antilles, Surinam and England.