Presenter Gilton Franklin
presenter presenter
Presenter (instructor)

Presenter on conventions, schoolprojects and development of sport-specific condition training.

International Presenter for workouts  in The Netherlands and beyond the borders

> E.F.A.A. Holland, Veldhoven from 1997 - 2004
> Reebok international: Poland (1998, 1999)
> Reebok international: France (1999)
> Reebok international: Spain (1999)
> International convention England - Blackpool (2006)
> Intersport convention Russia - Togliatti (2006)

Besides presenting different types of workouts, he is involved with new designs, ideas and developments for the aerobic market, he is active in school projects promoting the elements of dance and co-operation between children.

He is also an enthousiastic choreographer for fashion shows and demonstration teams.

Sport-specific condition training on music
This training method, which combines the sport with music, has been developed more give contents to the sport himself. By giving soccer the sport, in this case, on music reaches you a good strength - and condition training. Especially at the opening of the season and the winterstop, this training can lead to improvement of the performances of the team. Moreover this training promotes the teamspirit. For injured footballers it is moreover a good rehabilitation training. Sport-specific one condition training on music has been possible result after years research at several football clubs up to a number of guest trainings at the professonal soccer association: Willem II in Tilburg, The Netherlands.

Workshops, tending courses and refresher courses for the starter and advanced aerobic instructor
The development of a Streetdance course
Tae bo course
Step course
High low course
Hip hop / Streetdance projects for primary and secondary schools
Offering lessons/workouts/workshops:
Hip Hop
Tae bo
Kick fun

Specials offers:
The Michael Jackson workout (well known MJ moves used on only MJ songs)
The Tribal workout (african dance)
Totally C.H.A.O.S  (Choreography Hapiness And Other Secrets - funky low impact)